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Q&A Screening
Thursday June 20 @ 6:30pm

Join us after the film for a Q&A panel dissecting the ins and outs of queer low budget filmmaking. Featuring the film's writer/director Timothy Despina Marshall, writer/director Monica Zanetti (SBS's While the Men are Away, Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie's Dead Aunt), writer/director Craig Boreham (Lonesome), moderated by Michael Sun, critic (The Guardian).

Experience this gripping psychological thriller at Dendy Newtown’s Q&A screening followed by an in-person discussion with writer/director Timothy Despina Marshall and filmmakers Monica Zanetti and Craig Boreham, moderated by The Guardian film critic Michael Sun. A nightmarish descent into madness inside the confines of a hotel room, this sinister film will haunt you for days on end.

Tobin Wade, a theatre actor poised to perform in his Broadway breakthrough role, must return to his Australian hometown after the breakdown of his long term relationship and the sudden death of his father. Stuck in a hotel room before the funeral, Tobin begins to unravel, not ready to confront a past long-left behind. When Tobin begins to notice strange and sinister occurrences in his room, he realises he’s not in there alone, and, unable to leave, he has no choice but to face whoever or whatever is in this room with him.

"Bold, brave, and uncompromising." - Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (Author, 1000 Women of Horror)

"One of the best Australian debut features." - Nadine Whitney (Alliance of Women Film Journalists)

"Stunning...will have you leaning on the edge of your seat." - Andrew Peirce (The Curb)

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