IFFA - Beyond The Wall

Ali, a blind man, is attempting to commit suicide when he is interrupted by the concierge of his building. He is informed that the police is in search of a woman who has escaped and hidden somewhere in the building. Little by little, Ali finds out that the fugitive woman, Leila, is inside his apartment. After participating in a workers’ protest that led to chaos, she is distraught about her four-year-old son who was lost when she was taken in a police van. Gradually, Ali becomes emotionally attached to her. Wishing to flee reality, helping Leila becomes a refuge in his own world of imagination. Festivals & Awards: Nominee Best Film, Venice Film Festival 2022. Nominee Best Performance (Navid Mohamadzadeh), Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2022. Nominee Best Screenplay (Vahid Jalilvand), Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2022. Nominee Best Film Award, Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2022.DramaPT2H6MUnclassified M+15
Navid Mohammadzadeh
Diana Habibi
Amir Aghaee
Saeed Dakh
Danial Kheirikhah
Alireza Kamali.
Vahid Jalilvand
Ali Jalilvand
IFFA - Beyond The Wall"IFFA - Beyond The Wall"