IFFA - Bright House

Forty-year-old Roshan is totally broke! He has paid all he had for a flat in a complex whose construction does not seem to end! His wife Maryam thinks he is passive about life and his family, even about Maryam’s affair with a close friend! When Maryam asks for a divorce and the court awards the custody of their six-year-old daughter to her, Roshan finds himself a big loser in life. Now it is time for him to do something and to prove he is not the person he used to be anymore. Festivals & Awards: Winner Best Actor in a Leading Role (Reza Ataran) Fajr Film Festival 2021.DramaPT1H40MUnclassified M+15
Reza Attaran
Sara Bahrami
Siamak Ansari.
Rouhollah Hejazi
Rouhollah Hejazi
Javad Norouzbeigi.
IFFA - Bright House"IFFA - Bright House"