IFFA - The Wastetown

Guilty of murdering her husband and jailed for ten years, thirty-year-old Bemani is on temporary release, as her guilt is not proved in the lack of evidence. When in jail, they took her two-year-old son and gave him to her husband’s family. Looking for his ten-year-old son, she goes to a car scrap yard where her brother-in-law Ebi works. Ebi claims he is unaware of what has happened to her son. However, she finds out that Ebi has sold the child to a rich family. To find more clues, Bemani asks for help from people in the scrapyard, but each has an indecent proposal in return for giving information. Bemani is going to do whatever she can to find her son but not the way those men expect. Screens with short film Suite Night.DramaPT1H38MUnclassified M+15
Baran Kosari
Ali Bagheri
Babak Karimi
Behzad Dorani.
Ahmad Bahrami
Reza Mohaghegh
IFFA - The Wastetown"IFFA - The Wastetown"