SUFF - Birth/Rebirth

Morgue technician Dr Rose Casper (Marin Ireland) is obsessed with re-animating the dead. Celie (Judy Reyes) is a maternity nurse who has built her life around her bouncy, chatterbox 6-year-old daughter, Lila. After Lila’s sudden death, Rose is finally given the opportunity to realise her experiment – unbeknownst to the child’s mother. Soon, the weight of Celie’s sadness and the prospect of her daughter’s return trigger an unlikely bond between the two women, who venture into questionable moral territory to keep Lila ‘alive’. Taking inspiration from the 1818 classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Director Laura Moss, alongside co-writer Brendon J. O’Brien and the incredible leads Ireland and Reyes, have created one of the most provocative and intellectually searing genre works in recent memory. Full of disturbing ethical quagmires, pitch-black humour and a dozen med charts worth of trauma, evocative of David Cronenberg by way of Lynne Ramsay and Stuart Gordon. Birth/rebirth is an unconventional story of despair and motherhood, and a salve for those who seek solace in the macabre.DramaPT1H38MUnclassified 18+
Marin Ireland
Judy Reyes
Monique Gabriela Curnen
Laura Moss
SUFF - Birth/Rebirth"SUFF - Birth/Rebirth"