SUFF - Citizen Sleuth

Citizen Sleuth offers a searing examination of the ethics surrounding the true crime genre and how the power of narrative can affect truth, justice and threaten to destroy affected communities. The film follows Emily Nestor and her Mile Marker 181 podcast, as she conducts an amateur murder investigation into the death of Jaleayah Davis. Emily teases a cover-up by the Sheriff's Department and pursues her top suspects. With a growing audience of millions, Emily's podcast becomes a hit but as she gets deeper into her investigation, she is confronted with a new truth she struggles to tell her listeners. Told in real time over seven years, Citizen Sleuth chronicles the rise, fall, and redemption of a podcaster grappling with the truth of true crime in the new media landscape.DocumentaryPT1H22MUnclassified 15+
Chris Kasick
SUFF - Citizen Sleuth"SUFF - Citizen Sleuth"