SUFF - Homebaked - Aussie Shorts

Championing the renegades and visionaries working at the vanguard of independent cinema, HOMEBAKED presents a collection of shorts from filmmakers who cross genres and defy conventions. These shorts will have you laughing, crying and right on the edge of your seat! Banshee's Ridge Dir. Tristan Barr | 11 mins A bushranger who mourns the death of his daughter searches for a missing girl who has been taken by the corruptions the Australian settlers call "Banshees". Blood Sugar Sex Yowie Dir. Henry Stone | 22 mins A desperate cryptozoologist is tricked by onlyfans pornographers into giving them a tour of spooky bush locations to film in. Chip Packet Day Dir. Oscar Axel Thorborg | 3 mins A young woman seeks refuge in the comfort of a chip packet when her partner arrives home with a barrage of social obligations. Contrition Dir. Grace Julia | 4 mins Ildi suspects the priest is reporting her private confessions to the school principal. She intends to catch him in the act, even if it means another caning... Favour on the Fourth Floor Dir. Harry Quinlan | 8 mins Late at night, a hotel guest solicits a cleaner for a gruesome favour. Love You Dir. Benjamin Ryan | 4 mins Filmed in one long shot, a young woman reflects with her partner on the ending of their relationship while ignoring a very obvious difference in culpability. Negatives Dir. Thomas Broadbent | 15 mins Shay, a film lab technician begins to suspect a client is displaying predatory behaviour in his photography. No Film Sets In Bankstown Dir. Alex Dona | 4 mins A young director has his eyes set on shooting his debut short film in his home town of Bankstown, but the forces of a city that has seen very few film sets combine to get in his way. Nocturnal Celluloid Dir. Billy Rowlands | 15 mins In the midst of a moveout, a teenage boy discovers his deceased uncle’s film prints that depict his time in the Vietnam War. Nuclear Dir. Madison Hislop-Stoessel | 13 mins The Hetherington family are a happy bunch who are living the 1960’s dream but on a closer look they are just moments away from crumbling under their own fake positivity. The Blow Up Dir. Kyan Woodpower | 3 mins A mans romantic getaway comes under threat when his best friend discovers the big secret he has been hiding from him. Tint Dir. Jack Voegt | 10 mins Lance can't seem to shake an awkward encounter after a stranger touches his hair. Useless Eaters Dir. Ian Haig | 2 mins Mutated, hackable bodies, bodies that didn’t quite work out and bodies that can no longer be classified as bodies. Why Not Both? Dir. Mansoor Noor | 6 mins | Australia A bisexual man's strict dating criteria backfires when he finds himself dating two people who seem very similar.Short FilmPT2HUnclassified 18+
Various Directors
SUFF - Homebaked - Aussie Shorts"SUFF - Homebaked - Aussie Shorts"