SUFF - Hundreds of Beavers

Paying homage to silent cinema, slapstick comedies and classic Warner Brothers era cartoon tropes, Mike Cheslik’s feature debut HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS opens with an epic animated sequence introducing us to our trusty hero, a drunken applejack salesman whose supply of Applejack Cider is ruined due to the handywork of some hungry beavers. To recover his lost fortune, he must become the greatest fur trapper the world has ever seen by literally defeating hundreds of beavers. Hundreds of Beavers is a dialogue-free heroic epic that is endlessly inventive, embracing the innovative spirit of cinema’s first decades while using an array of animation techniques to reimagine natural laws in creative and compelling ways. The film captures zany and anarchic energy by featuring a new gag every few seconds. It has many one-offs but similarly builds momentum with slower build-ups and call-backs that keep the film fresh and always surprising. A man-versus-nature narrative about overcoming the cruel and unforgiving landscape of a northeastern winter, Hundreds of Beavers is an uproarious and dynamic experience you’ll want to see in the theatre.ActionPT1H48MUnclassified 15+
Mike Cheslik
SUFF - Hundreds of Beavers"SUFF - Hundreds of Beavers"