SUFF - Kick Me

KICK ME is a nightmarish comedy about a school counselor, Santiago, whose compassion, generosity and dedication threaten to destroy the lives of everyone around him. One night, Santiago heads into Kansas City to buy a pet bunny and meet with a delinquent student before attending his daughter’s choral concert. But nothing — and we mean nothing — goes as planned. What unfolds instead is an (often funny) hellish freak show featuring three-legged dogs, maniacal Winnebago-driving swingers, geriatric drug dealers, abandoned shopping malls and jenkem huffers that makes Scorsese’s After Hours seem like a tea party. Taking frenzied wrong turn after wrong turn, KICK ME escalates towards a car crash ending you won’t want to miss. Named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film”, Gary Huggins is a Kansas City based filmmaker whose prize-winning shorts have screened at Sundance, Outfest, SXSW and Clermont-Ferrand. KICK ME is his first feature.ActionPT1H26MUnclassified 15+
Gary Huggins
SUFF - Kick Me"SUFF - Kick Me"