SUFF - Love/Sick Shorts

Exploring the dark side of obsession, lust and desire, LOVE/SICK presents a package of the year’s most shocking and salacious short films. From Jizz Demons to Possessed Sex Toys; witness a collection of shorts that range from the titillating to the downright obscene. A Folded Ocean Dir. Benjamin Brewer| 12 mins | USA A couple get lost in each other. Don't Bring Lulu Dir. Lulu Keating | 4 mins | Canada With the invitation to the party is the stipulation: "Don't Bring Lulu". A playful romp through women's fight for equality. Gummy Dir. Sasha Aubort | 13 mins | Australia A masochistic dentistry student grapples with unrequited love and her manipulative father by pulling out her own teeth for addictive pleasure. It's Just Balloons Dir. Zahm Waters | 6 mins | Canada An old VHS tape offers up a titillating tapestry of balloon-oriented entertainment. Remember, it's just balloons and nothing else! Jelqing For Gains Dir. T. Arthur Cottam | 6 mins | USA This is how you get big. A gender-bending exploration of penile enhancement rituals. Monsterfuckers Dir. Misc. | 4 mins | Misc. An international hardcore animation collaboration, that’s all about monsters getting nasty Overload Dir. Jamen Meistrich | 8 mins | USA A young man with a porn addiction faces his demons in an all to literal way. Sucker Dir. Steve Oen | 15 mins | Netherlands When the brand new, state-of-the-art smart robot vacuum ‘Sucker’ sees his new owner Eve for the first time, he instantly falls in love with her. But the intimate bond between these two is brutally disrupted by Lars, her boyfriend. The Things We Do Dir. Reid McGowan | 9 mins | Australia A naive filmmaker must discover if selling his soul, or taking the hard road, will make his dreams come true. Vibrator Girl Dir. Kara Strait | 13 mins |USA An isolated young woman uses her vibrator compulsively - until it starts deforming her body in disturbing ways Witches Dir. Siobhán Cannon-Brownlie | 13 mins | UK Overlooked and under-laid ‘Witches’ Annie, Sally and Geraldine struggle to stick to their strict, self-imposed rules to shun men. When one witch admits to straying from the coven things escalate.Short FilmPT1H33MUnclassified 18+
Various Directors
SUFF - Love/Sick Shorts"SUFF - Love/Sick Shorts"