SUFF - Poundcake

There's a madman in New York murdering straight white men in unspeakable ways. Podcasters are chiming in with their theories on who the killer is, what his motives are, and how to stop him. Is it all a hoax to garner sympathy for cisgender white men? Some people think so. Others find the murders cathartic, even funny. Are the victims finally getting what they deserve after inflicting centuries of oppression? Can the killer be stopped? New Yorkers must find a way to end the hate and embrace positivity instead. It might be the only way to kill the beast! Indie stalwart Onur Tukel (Summer of Blood, Applesauce, Catfight, The Mysogynists) has a lot to say in his latest, Poundcake, a hilarious horror satire that mixes slasher with political discourse. Inspired by slashers of the 80s and icons like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface, Poundcake is for the new generation and while it’s a provocative premise, it’s a surprisingly hopeful and cleverly done satire and certainly one of the most outrageous films of the festival.ComedyPT1H30MUnclassified 18+
Onur Tukel
SUFF - Poundcake"SUFF - Poundcake"