SUFF - Reality Bites - Short Documentaries

A collection of the year’s most eye-opening bite-sized documentaries that traverse the personal to the global. From verite, montage and found footage to experiments in animation, these shorts all push the boundaries of non-fiction storytelling. A Kind of Testament Dir. Stephen Vuillemin | 16 mins | France A young woman comes across animations on the Internet that have clearly been created from her private selfies. A stranger with the same name confesses to identity theft. But death is quicker than the answer to the question: "Why?" Flyby Kathy Dir. Pedro Bastos | 11 mins Portugal In 1981, English actress Kathy Harcourt mysteriously disappeared from the United States. 40 years later, this story unfolds, from an old 35mm copy of the last film Kathy Harcourt stared in. [I Love You Very Much] Dir. Amber Rose McNeil | 3 mins | Australia The fantasy cycle of heteronormative romance is deconstructed then reconstructed; re-looped into a ruthless, yet realistic, mosaic that lays bare the dangers that lurk within the merry-go-round of this normative romance syndrome Krush the Wrestler Dir. Alex Magaro | 14 mins | USA Exploring the innate intimacy of submission wrestling, a lifelong wrestler turns his talents into an on-demand fetish video service. Lake of Fire Dir Neozoon | 11 mins | Germany The documentary film collage LAKE OF FIRE addresses the fear of death and hell and how a dualistic way of seeing and living fuels the climate change-related ”hell on earth“. Morning: Yukon River Dir. Dan Sokolowski | 3 mins | Canada The mist rises on the Yukon River. Public Surfaces Dir. Gillian Waldo | 11 mins | USA Through landscapes of Baltimore and depictions of its sculptures, the film explores the failures of modernism, the neglect of the school system, and asks who public art can really serve. Segment 30 Dir. Tanner Masseth | 3 mins | USA Segment 30 updates Chris Marker's musings on arcade violence and catharsis to the realm of virtual reality games and pornography Staging Death Dir. Jan Soldat | 8 mins | Austria A document about death in movies, based on the countless deaths of Udo Kier, sampled from his over 350 cast tiles. untitled / unfinished Dir. Matthew Victor Pastor | 17 mins | Australia In an existential panic a film director makes a TikTok and goes viral with millions of views. Met with racial abuse & hate comments the experience causes him to reflect on the Asian Australian identity.Short FilmPT1H37MUnclassified 18+
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SUFF - Reality Bites - Short Documentaries"SUFF - Reality Bites - Short Documentaries"