SUFF - Welcome To Kittytown

Welcome to Kittytown paints a hilarious, suspenseful, and unforgettable vision of a post-apocalyptic future. Think The Road meets Shaun of the Dead. After a GMO contamination reverts civilization into a wasteland dominated by a deadly green soil, Vern (Darren Zimmer), an ailing farmer, is barely surviving. When Vern learns of a possible safe haven (the titular Kittytown) with everything one could need to start rebuilding society from scratch, he teams up with another survivor, Ted (Robert Bryn Mann), to try and find it. Together, the odd couple fight for survival against each other, the harsh upcoming winter, illness, and the ire of a cannibal psychopath (Todd Lewis), to heartbreaking, heartwarming, and delightfully laugh-out-loud results.ComedyPT1H39MUnclassified 15+
Doug Luciuk
SUFF - Welcome To Kittytown"SUFF - Welcome To Kittytown"