SUFF - WTF! Short Films

Confounding, flabbergasting and discombobulating - WTF! Presents a package of shorts not for the faint of heart. A cinematic adventure through the year’s most madcap films, take a hallucinatory trip down the rabbit-hole so brain-bustlingly weird, you’ll come out the other side asking…WTF did I just see? A.i Movie Dir. Zahm Waters | 11 mins | Canada “A.i. Movie” is a movie that was entirely made by AI and explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity in filmmaking. (AI wrote that). Bananas Dir. Sean Grace | 16 mins | Australia When a disgraced actor takes the lead role in a banana commercial to refresh his career, his picky eating habits result in on-set chaos that will test the limits of his sanity. Content: The Lo-Fi Man Dir. Brian Lonano | 14 mins | USA "Filmmaker" Brian Lonano tries to talk about a beloved cult film. What happens next will shock you! Dark Signals Dir. Izzy Lee | 2 mins | USA Nightmares and reality blend when signals distort and collide. Death Snot Dir. Charlie Schwan | 8 mins | USA Severe allergies drive a man to the brink of insanity as he desperately tries to rid his body of mucus. Fuck'n Nuts Dir. Sam Fox | 12 mins | USA Sandy is grievously forced to break it off with the boy of her dreams in order to avert him from meeting her unusual parents. Granny X Dir. David Sheahan | 6 mins | USA A nursing home resident achieves liberation - in the only way she can. Something to Chew On Dir. Ryan Casey | 6 mins | Australia When the son of a middle-class Satanic family confesses that he must give up cannibalism to pursue higher education, he must convince them that dentistry serves Satan too. Spank Patrol Dir. Kevin Ralston | 3 mins | USA | COMEDY The Spank Patrol is called in to retrieve stolen gold and serve out some justice... Justice in the form of numerous spanks to the butt. The Consequence of John Doe Dir. Brett Barton | 11 mins | Australia A desperate criminal trying to redeem himself from his murderous past repeats the same horrific event in the hope to alter the outcome. The Heritage Dir. Andrew Rutter | 12 mins | Scotland After growing up adopted, a man makes a gargantuan discovery when meeting his biological father. The Mundanes Dir. Nicole Daddona and Adam Wilder | 5 mins | USA A faceless family living in suburbia with an unusual appetite. We Forgot About The Zombies Dir. Chris McInroy | 4 mins | USA Two dudes think they found the cure for zombie bites. Write a Song About Heartache Dir. Jonny Look | 13 mins | USA A new film about writing a sad song...when you're not necessarily a sad person.Short FilmPT2HUnclassified 18+
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SUFF - WTF! Short Films"SUFF - WTF! Short Films"